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Indulge in a Massage and Beauty Session

For inquiries or to schedule a massage therapy session, feel free to contact me via phone or email.

Services Offered

Massage is a Gift you give to yourself. 

Give yourself the rest and mindfulness you need to Heal. 

Esalen Massage - $125.00 (90 Min.)

Flower Essence Massage - $80.00 (60 Min.)

A treatment about self-love featuring Inner Peace, Infinite Love, and Quiet Mind Flower Essences.

Hot Stone Massage - $100.00 (60 Min.) 

 $125.00 (90 Min.)

Ashiatsu DeepFeet Therapy - $125.00

(90 Min.)

This massage is for those who have not found a deep enough massage.

Deep Tissue Massage - $100.00 (60 Min.) 

$135.00 (90 Min)

East-West Massage - $75.00 (60 Min.)

This massage offers a combination of Thai stretches and Swedish massage in one session.

Lavender Dreams Massage - $120.00 (90 Min.)

If anti-anxiety is what you are seeking you have found it in an ultra-relaxing Aromatherapy Lavender massage using Lavender Essential Oils produces a more tranquil, soothing, restful blissful experience. You will love it.


Let the Stress and Pain Go Away

Choose RareJewelWellness for luxurious pampering during your well-needed downtime.


With your choice of massage, let me take you on a journey into yourself, while your whole being finds calm and stillness. You will experience a healthier you. The benefits of massage include:

  • Circulation
  • Mobility
  • A Greater Sense of Well Being

Welcome to RareJewelWellness, where the emphasis is on the Rare Jewel in You.

Say Something About My Services

If you have any feedback about me and my services, please fill out the form on this page.




What our customers are saying

"Been to kristy several times and she gives one of the best most relaxing massages I have ever received. She takes time to make sure you get a wonderful massage and when you leave you fell great, almost like a new person. Holidays are here so give yourself a treat and get a massage or facial. Guaranty its well worth going."

Ken H

This is not just massage, this is a experience. Luxurious creams , fabulous scents ,surrounding you, you are so pampered. I have had a facial ,fabulous. A massage, fabulous. You have to experience this, I've never felt so good ,, I will keep treating myself.

Dee Holland N Holland

Kristy is a phenomenal massage therapist. She is talented with both Ashiatsu and regular massages. She listens to your specific needs and is overall a very sweet soul. I definitely recommend her whether you need knots worked out or just relaxation.


I was a bicycle racer for many years and had dozens and dozens of massages over the years. But I NEVER had as deep and satisfying a massage as Kristy's Ashiatsu massage. She puts herself 100% into her massages and her skills as an Ashiatsu practitioner are just superb. If you've not had a Kristy Ashiatsu massage you don't know what you are missing - she massages your deep muscle aches without the sometimes painful thumb and elbow points that many massage therapists use. Best of all is that Kristy has so many skills and modalities that she mixes together to give you just the most complete and relaxing/restorative massage that you can ever imagine.

Kim D

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